Duplicate Stitch

I never liked duplicate stitch, but when the big sister said that the little sister’s socks must have her name on them, I decided to give the technique another go.

The idea of duplicate stitch is to sew something over Stockinette Stitch with a contrasting color. You quite literally duplicate the original stitches. The good news is the fact that duplicate stitch is much easier than it looks like in tutorials. Just keep in mind a few simple tricks:

First, sketch your design on a paper, because otherwise it’s difficult to know, where to start, in order to have the picture in the center (or where ever you want it to be).

Second, choose yarn that is a little bit thicker than what you used in the original stitches. This way the whole stitch is covered completely. In these pictures I was using yarn, which was maybe a bit too thick, but let’s ignore that, shall we 🙂

Third, it’s easiest if you proceed one row at a time, at least if you are duplicating something simple (like my example).

The most important thing is to think simple: the aim is to duplicate the original stitch with a contrasting color yarn. This technique looks a bit intimidating in tutorials, but as soon as you start duplicating, it will surprise you, how easy it is.

In this example I have worked the first row from right to left, and the next row from left to right.

  1. Bring your needle from the back of the work to the front through the top point of a stitch. Then, cross the needle under the stitch below the one you are duplicating.

2. Insert the needle back into the top of the stitch (the same place where you began), and at the same time, begin the next stitch by exiting the needle at its top point. The first stitch is now duplicated, and you are in the right place to start the second.

3. Repeat the same for the next stitch.

4. If you want to skip stitches, just jump over the on the wrong side.

5. When you have finished the row, move on to the next row.

6. And repeat the same on the next row too.

Weave in the ends and that’s it.

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