Tech Editing

What does a tech editor do (and why should you hire one)?

A tech editor is someone who helps the designer to ensure that the pattern is as correct and clear as possible. A tech editor won’t change or re-write your pattern, but they will point out parts that are unclear or incorrect. The designer will then make changes to the pattern based on these comments.

Different tech editors do different things, but the tasks typically include checking the math and grammar, checking the clarity of the instructions, checking the sizing, and making sure that the pattern is logical and consistent.

By having your pattern tech edited, you ensure that your customers and possible test knitters get the best possible version of the pattern that you worked so hard for. And happy customers are quite likely going to become returning customers! Furthermore, a well written pattern won’t require nearly as much pattern support from you. This will save you  time in the long run.

Me as a tech editor

I have a background in engineering: I’m a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and I have a decade of work experience in corporate IT. Quite unsurprisingly, my specialties as a tech editor are checking the math, the charts and overall clarity of the pattern (I have a long history of making end user instructions for IT applications, and I know a thing or two about writing clear instructions).

I am a knitwear designer myself, as well as a sock knitting enthusiast, so my favorite patterns to tech edit are socks. I do edit other accessories (shawls, cowls, legwarmers, mittens, beanies etc) as well. At the moment, I don’t edit garments.


I have recently taken Joeli Kelly’s course “Learn to Tech Edit (Knitting)”, and I am now looking for my first clients. If you are e.g. an aspiring designer, who would like to have their first pattern tech edited but can’t afford to hire one, please contact me! If we have a match, I will tech edit your pattern for free in exchange for a testimonial and feedback on working with me. Send me an email at paula @ so we can discuss more.