Work With Me

Are you interested in becoming a test knitter for my patterns, hiring me as a tech editor or collaborating with me in one way or another? Read on for more details!

Do you want to become a test knitter?

All of my patterns are tested by a group of knitters before publication. In my design process, I first have the pattern tech edited, which means that a tech editor checks e.g., the math and possible charts, making sure that the pattern is clear and accurate.

After having the pattern checked by a tech editor, I send out a call for testers. I have a specific email list for aspiring test knitters who are the first (and only!) ones to know about test knitting opportunities. (Ok, sometimes, if I don’t get enough testers for a specific size, I might look for additional testers on Instagram.)

By subscribing to the list, you commit to nothing – and you only receive an email from me when I have a specific pattern that I’m looking testers for. If you are interested in testing the pattern in question, you’ll fill out an application form, and if you are selected as a tester, you’ll receive the pattern draft within a couple of days. Typically, the test knitting period is 2-4 weeks for socks and other small accessories.

The test knitters are expected to knit a sample using their own yarn during the test knitting period, and to give feedback on the pattern, how much yarn they needed and how well the finished item fits the intended user.

Who is a good test knitter?

You, probably! My patterns are intended for confident beginners or intermediate knitters, so they are rarely difficult – and if there is a less known technique, it typically comes with a photo tutorial. Therefore, I’m looking for testers that know the basics of knitting, and maybe have knitted some socks before. But you don’t have to be half-professional in knitting – if you are confident that you can work your sample within the given time frame, don’t hesitate to apply!

As a test knitter you get access to a pattern before anyone else – and of course, when the pattern is published, you get the final version for free.

Would you like me as a tech editor?

Please read more on my tech editing services and send me an email at paula @ so we can discuss more.

Do you have an idea for collaboration?

I would love to hear about your idea! Whether you are an indie dyer, a designer, yarn shop owner, or anyone in the knitting industry really, and would like to collaborate with me, please let me know! Drop me an email at  paula @